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Sampaguita the Perfume of Love


This enchanting flower can be considered as a sign of love, and if you want to show someone that you love and care for them, gifting them with Sampaguita Eau de Parfum is to show them how much you love and care for them.  Sampaguita the pefect Love Perfume by FRAGRANCES OF POLYNESIA.   Sampaguita the Perfume of Love.


These flowers have a beautiful and appealing nature and this flower is going to make those that this flower is gifted to feel special and loved.  The Sampaguita flower is so cherished that men on the islands give their brides-to-be the gift of Sampaguita Eau de Parfum, which she will wear in her wedding.  Sampaguita Eau de Parfum by FRAGRANCES OF POLYNESIA is made using the original beautiful  Polynesian formula that has been used for hundreds of years.  The fragrance is alluring!   This is the most important symbolic meaning of  Sampaguita Eau de Parfum in the South Pacific part of the world. Perfume of Love.



Packaging - 5/5

Mixture - 5/5

Concentration of the Notes - 5/5

Sillage/Projection - 5/5

Longevity - 5/5

Personal Like/Expectations - 5/5

Value For Money - 5/5


SDA-39C, perfume blend, aqua

Sampaguita Eau de Parfum captures the unique fragrance of the Sampaguita Jasminum Sambac flower, an exotic blossom found growing wild on the South Pacific Islands.

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