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Sampaguita Eau de Parfum


"I promise you"

Romantic Scent of the Sampaguita Flower

Thelma explains, "I received a telephone call from a doctor who was from the Islands.  He stated that for his wife's birthday he wanted to give her a special Parfum from the Sampaguita flower and asked me to create the fragrance for his wife.  He wanted his wife to have the ultimate fragrance -- one created especially for her as a birthday present.  I was commissioned to create this delicate floral fragrance, one that embodies all that is loving -- for the beautiful wife of a doctor from the Islands.  A rich, feminine blend inspired by the Sampaguita flower was born, Sampaguita Eau de Parfum, a RARE, PRECIOUS, EXOTIC, parfum. 

Frangrance launch January 2004.  Sampaguita Eau de Parfum is worn for special celebrations of LOVE -- inspired by the Beauty of this tropical flower.  Sampaguita Eau de Parfum, a seductive scent for a beautiful woman, represents an abundance of love that a Doctor from the Islands has for his lovely and beautiful wife.  A timeless fragrance of fresh blooms.  Sampaguita Eau de Parfum, RARE, PFECIOUS, EXOTIC has several different floral notes in harmony from the Islands.  The top note or final floral note of the fragrance captures and enhances the feminine softness and purity of the Sampaguita flower.